The “Creative One”.

As the “Creative one” in my family, I am often asked to help out for family events, take the photos, make the slideshows…ect.

Don’t take that the wrong way, I love this task. My oldest brother, as a lawyer, he’s asked for advice and help from family and friends more often. He often jokes that he will look over anything I sign in exchange for taking photos of his son.

“My hourly rate is a little higher, sis, but let’s call it even.”

A few years back (wow, it’s been nearly 4) when he announced his was getting married, I wanted to do something special. Reading a passage in the wedding wouldn’t allow me to take photos. HMM…what could I do? Before I came up with any great idea, he asked for video. He sent tons of photos of his wife and himself with one request: “Make it pretty.”

This is the “pretty” video:


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