“Kayla helped us bring Augmented Reality to life before AR was easy and pervasive. She built awesome custom experiences showcasing what Aurasma was capable of across use cases as diverse as Manufacturing and Advertising. I always admired her creative prowess, and her drive to meet deadlines no matter how tough. She was a joy to work with and I hope we get to do it again.”

Simon Hayhurst

“Kayla is one of the most talented marketing individuals I have had the distinct pleasure of hiring. She has that unique combination of creative and content talent, web expertise, video and photography talent. She is master of all these areas and always completes her projects on time and with the highest quality possible. Kayla is a classic overachiever who works very well with her teammates as both a supportive team player and a teacher. She has a dedication to quality in everything she produces and she is a expert at managing many projects at one time. Kayla’s positive attitude inspires the individuals she works with to achieve greater things and that is a valuable and she has received countless accolades from those around her for this.”

Lisa Gilbert

“Kayla is a true professional, always looking for ways to contribute. She is a great team player, takes direction and constructive feedback well. Creative and brave, willing to think outside the box. Her positive attitude and willingness to learn always come in handy when dealing with new industries and processes.”

Mindaugas Balcius

“One of the hardest working, most enthusiastic creative minds I have ever worked with. Experienced with video and design, Kayla is a true asset. A Game changer. A secret weapon.”

Chris Brantly

“I had the privilege of working with Kayla at BlueSky and found her to be very talented on multiple fronts, including content creation. She was very proactive in her self-development and leveraged multiple resources to learn about our products and solutions. She was always able to translate that knowledge to benefit our readers and did a great job creating content for our corporate communications that was inspiring and relevant. Kayla was key in publishing our employee newletter, which because of her skills, actually became a magazine. Kayla was always enthusiastic about her job and always wanted to do well.”

Terri Kershner

“It was such a pleasure to work with Kayla at her time with USA InterCargo. Her creative and unique approaches to web content and design, company videos, marketing campaigns, and photos has had a lasting affect on our customer experience. Kayla also made company emails and brochures look professional and market appropriate.”

Rachel Hernandez